Louis Vuitton

Spring 2024 Men's Ad Campaign

Review of Louis Vuitton Spring 2024 Men’s Ad Campaign by Louis Vuitton Creative Director Pharrell Williams with Tyler, The Creator

Louis Vuitton’s Spring 2024 Men’s Capsule Collection marries the timeless craftsmanship of the Maison with the imaginative vision of Tyler, The Creator, echoing Pharrell Williams’ ethos for the brand. This collection is a vibrant testament to the LVERS community, a network of artistic prowess and mutual appreciation for refined craftsmanship. With Tyler at the creative forefront, Louis Vuitton ventures into a capsule that’s as much a nod to the artist’s unique style as it is to the luxury house’s storied heritage.

The campaign is a visual journey through Tyler’s eclectic world, showcasing a playful yet sophisticated assortment of pieces. Each item, adorned with Tyler’s hand-drawn Craggy Monogram, exudes a charm that is both whimsical and meticulous—evident in everything from the monogrammed Damier-patterned golf wear to the pastoral-themed leather goods. What makes this campaign a must-see is its ability to hold the viewer’s gaze, inviting them to explore each shot thoroughly. It’s not just a collection but an immersive gallery of wearable art that perfectly encapsulates the partnership’s dynamic: Louis Vuitton’s timeless motifs and the whimsical fun that Tyler, The Creator is known for. The campaign effortlessly strikes a balance between luxury and playfulness, making it a standout narrative that captures the essence of both the artist and the fashion house.

Louis Vuitton Creative Director | Pharrell Williams
Creative Director | Tyler, The Creator

Editorial Director | The Impression