Marc Jacobs Resort 2021 Ad Campaign

Marc Jacobs

Resort 2021 Ad Campaign

Review of Marc Jacobs Resort 2021 Ad Campaign by Photographer Haley Wollens with Actor Chloë Sevigny

Marc Jacobs and Chloë Sevigny get back to the office in a new Resort 2021 campaign by photographer Haley Wollens.

Captured at Marc Jacobs‘ Spring Street office in New York City, the lo-fi campaign makes playful use of the building – its boxes, bags, mannequins, desks – as well as Sevigny’s scintillatingly expressive persona.

The style icon poses with severed mannequin limbs or does a shoe-box version of the milk-crate challenge while wearing a range of resort-ready dresses, MJ staples, and the designer’s signature tote bag.

It’s a simple, low-budget campaign that impressively manages to find some fun visual interplay out of already-on-hand assets. Throw an iconic personality like Chloë Sevigny into the mix, and it’s good to go.

Marc Jacobs Creative Director | Marc Jacobs
Photographer | Haley Wollens
Stylist | Haley Wollens
Talent | Chloë Sevigny
Hair | Ro Morgan
Colorist | Joseph Bicknell
Manicurist | Mei
Casting Direction| The Establishment
Production | Paradise Production
Set Designer | Elysia Belilove
Location | Marc Jacobs‘ Spring Street Office in New York City