MATTE Projects Launches Originators

A Curated Network For The Thinkers And Makers of Original Things

MATTE Projects announced the formation of Originators, a new global creative community that will be made up of a highly-curated network of best-in-class talents, thinkers and makers working across a range of disciplines who have each come to provoke new standards of excellence through the originality of their ideas.

As a network, Originators is defined by connections — the ever-evolving interplay between creatives and the creative community through collaborative work; creatives and patrons through high-profile projects; creatives and new audiences through promotion of work in public forums, online and off. While a highly curated network, Originators is not constrained by exclusive talent representation. Instead, Originators is a conduit for connection artwork promotion and high-profile project opportunities.

MATTE offers Originators opportunities to connect with other Originators in the network and potential patrons of work, and a chance to innovate and expand on artistic output through creative commissions. They will also gain the opportunity to be part of specific art projects and exclusive events curated by Originators by MATTE.

“Originators brings a new opportunity for a global network of exceptional talent. Greatness happens when brilliant minds from disparate disciplines and perspectives come together and can develop big, ambitious projects that bring major commercial clients together with world class artists and innovators.” – Brett Kincaid, Founding Partner, MATTE

Joining as Founding Originators include DJ, producer and musician Honey Dijon, experimental visual artists Oscar Zabala, Benjamin Gordon, Freeka Tet, REO and designer and activist, Julia Watson. 

Matt Rowean, Max Pollack, Brett Kincaid