Michael Kors Fall 2023 ad campaign

Michael Kors Collection

Fall 2023 Ad Campaign

Greenwich Glamor: Michael Kors Hits the Town With Boho Elegance

Review of Michael Kors Collection Fall 2023 Ad Campaign by Photographers Inez & Vinoodh with Models Vittoria Ceretti and Anok Yai 

Michael Kors Collection celebrates the style legacy of the Greenwich Village fashion scene with its boho-glam Fall 2023 campaign, which was lensed by photography duo Inez and Vinoodh.

“For this collection, I was really thinking about the things that influenced me when I was coming of age in the ‘70s—the women who influenced me, the neighborhood that influenced me, and the combination of big city glamour and bohemia that I found in Greenwich Village at that time.”

– Michael Kors

That heady whiff of 70s bohemia is prominently detectable in the collection’s tall boots, fringe, bold belt buckles and statement jewelry, while balancing it out is the luxury and glamor of opulent wool coats and shimmering sequined dresses.

Across the campaign, the big impact and proportion play of these looks is further amplified by Inez and Vinoodh’s angular shooting style. Shooting models Anok Yai and Vittoria Ceretti from below their centers of gravity at an askew angle, the duo paints them with larger-than-life stature and a propulsive forward energy. Meanwhile, the iconic streets and facades of Greenwich village stretch out behind them, attesting to an eventful day and an exciting evening to come as the light fades from afternoon to night.

Balancing a fun nod to a formative fashion moment with indulgent opulence and a dynamic forward energy, the campaign is undeniably Michael Kors.

Michael Kors Creative Director | Michael Kors
Photographer | Inez & Vinoodh
Models | Vittoria Ceretti and Anok Yai