Milan Top 10 Standout Spring 2024 Shows

Kenneth Richard's Top Picks

Milan’s tentpole brands evinced a pattern of commercial viability and reconsidered classics for this season. In this connection, our standout fashion houses – young designers, brands with less built-out infrastructure, and future stars – delivered collections that either showed they can do marketable and refined Italian luxury with the best of them, or defied commercial expectations and instead dove into unfettered fashion creativity.

Kenneth Richard - Editor-In-Chief, Chief Impressionist | The Impression
Kenneth Richard
Editor-In-Chief of The Impression

Taking inspiration from brutalism and the dark side of Italian art history, Han Kjøbenhavn served up an austere and architectural collection full of thrills and chills that transported us from Milan’s Duomo and into a Nordic techno dungeon.

The ever-irreverent Sunnei riffed on sportswear and exaggerated proportions to write another chapter in its playful surrealist fashion daydream.

Del Core continues to make convincing arguments that its eponymous designer Daniel Del Core could be the man for the job now that a spot at Alexander McQueen is open; the fashion alchemist looked to the alien delicacy of orchids to inspire his latest venture in creative dressmaking.

In first place on the list is The Attico with a show that exemplifies how, while the brand may have first risen to prominence when its cargo pants became an unexpected it-girl must have, the brand has much more to offer.

Here are The Impression’s Top 10 Standout fashion shows of the Spring 2024 season from Milan as selected by our Editor-in-Chief, Kenneth Richard.

10 – Han Kjøbenhavn

9 – Alessandro Vigilante

8 – Andreadamo

7 – GCDS

6 – Calcaterra

5 – Sunnei

4 – Del Core

3 – Ferrari

2 – MSGM

1 – The Attico