Milan Top 5 Spring 2020 ‘Other’ Shows

As Ranked by The Impression

They say the true measurement of society is in how it treats its elderly and youth. With that in mind Milan may have a challenge on their hands as the northern industrialized Italian city of fashion could use more innovative youthful talent on the schedule rather than contemporary labels.

Traditionally Chief Impressionist, Kenneth Richard, walks away with 10 rather than 5, up-and-coming designers from Milan Fashion Week. But this season the harvest was not as fruitful as previous seasons.

Here are The Impression Top 5 ‘Other’ Milan fashion shows of Spring 2020 season as selected by our Chief Impressionist, Kenneth Richard.

5 – Calcaterra

4 – Peter Pilotto

3 – Gabriele Colangelo

2 – N°21

1 – Act N°1

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