Miu Miu Celebrates the release of ‘Women’s Tales #24’ by Carla Simón

To celebrate the premiere of the Tale, Miu Miu hosted a dinner at Ca’ Corner Della Regina, the exhibition space of the Fondazione Prada. Attendees included Janicza Bravo, Carla Simón, Ángela Molina, Cecilia Gómez, Natasha Lyonne, Kelsey Lu, Rachel Brosnahan, Katherine Waterston, Alba Baptista, Yasmin Finney, Emma Appleton, Raffey Cassidy, Lili Reinhart, Benjamin Bratt, Sofia Djama, Julia Hobbs, Osman Ahmed, Zooey Deschanel, Louis Patridge, Sam Nivola, Brigitte Lacombe, Penny Martin, Walter Hill, Hong Chau, Antonio Campos, Jack Dylan Grazer, Jeremy O’Harris, Jenny Walton, Gaia Furrer, Céline Sciamma, Andrea Purgatori, Maria Zamora, Max Brun, Lara Calzado, Giovanni Pompili, Rosalia Varda, and Brendan Fraser.

Following the premiere on Sunday, September 4th, and Monday, September 5th, a series of conversations were led by a group of talented individuals working in the arts and media today. The first conversation was led by the Miu Miu Women’s Tales directors Janicza Bravo and Carla Simón, discussing creating work in the company of women. The second conversation was held by actors Rachel Brosnahan, Natasha Lyonne, and Kelsey Lu, centering around controlling the narrative in their works. The third conversation between Alba Baptista, Raffey Cassidy, and Quintessa Swindell discussed making their mark in their industry. The final discussion held by Emma Appleton, Yasmin Finney, and Lili Reinhart discussed creating meaningful entertainment today. All conversations were moderated by Penny Martin, Editor-in-Chief of The Gentlewoman Magazine and longtime Miu Miu collaborator.

The Premiere

The Conversations

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