Miu Miu Confidential Handbag Campaign by Jacobs + Talbourdet-Napoleone

Miu Miu

Confidential Handbag Campaign by Jacobs + Talbourdet-Napoleone

Miu Miu’s latest ad campaign unfolds in three chapters, chronicling the adventures of a Miu Confidential handbag and its owner Coco Gordon Moore, the young actress and daughter of Sonic Youth co-founders Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore. Director/cinematographer Simon Cahn, in collaboration with Jacobs + Talbourdet-Napoleone, craft a witty and irreverent narrative inspired by the intrigues and intimacies shared by a young woman and her most treasured accessory.

The campaign follows Coco and her bag as they traipse about London looking fabulous. Whether she’s dishing about her boyfriend over a manicure, attending a book club meeting (to discuss a book she hasn’t actually read), or making nice with a “frenemy” with whom she shares a cab to a club where she’s not on the guest list, this Miu Miu Girl is revealed by her tattle-tale bag to be dispensing white lies with abandon. Richly colored and witty, rather like an updated British version of “Sex and the City”, the films’ classy flash and dry humor is perfectly timed for the pending holiday season. Quilted, gift-able and sparkling with gold and silver metallic fasteners, the Miu Confidential bag was reportedly styled after the coffret, a strongbox for locking jewels away…but it is presented in the campaign imagery as the jewel itself. Reminiscent of a young girl’s leather diary with a locking clasp, the bag seems to be collecting Coco’s slights and indiscretions in an observational, non-judgmental sort of way. If only our friends and family would follow suit, the films seem to say.

Easy to watch and difficult to resist, the campaign is a clever introduction for the Miu Confidential handbag. And perhaps even more importantly, the films display the storytelling prowess of Creative Directors Lolita Jacobs and Jean Baptiste Talbourdet-Napoleone, in a narrative thread that we at the Impression hope will continue to be displayed in Miu Miu’s future campaigns as well.

Miu Miu Creative Director | Miuccia Prada
Agency | Jacobs + Talbourdet-Napoleone
Creative Directors | Lolita Jacobs & Jean Baptiste Talbourdet-Napoleone
Photographer | Jesse John Jenkins
Director/Cinematographer | Simon Cahn
Talents | Coco Gordon Moore, Lucan Gillespie, Mitch Greene, Hannah Shakespeare, Honey Stavonhagen & Chen Xue
Stylist | Alice Goddard
Hair | Chi Wong
Makeup | Lotten Holmqvist
Set Designer | Georgina Pragnell
Production | Brachfeld