Waking from a dream, the world is dull and gray: the dazzling array of unconscious beauty I had access to in my slumber seems fantastical and improbable when compared to the real world I find myself now conscious of. In the world of dreams, my everyday life is reinterpreted, recontextualized, given a chance to be untethered and free. The images of my day gain an entirely new meaning in the colors of the night.

The new video campaign from Moncler Genius taps into this reconstructive power of reverie. The self-described “creative hub,” a more experimental and artistic project within Italian brand Moncler, has been hard at work creating opportunities for artists and bringing exciting new voices into the collaborative conversation in the year since its inception. For their newest collection and campaign, Moncler Genius enlisted London-based designer Richard Quinn and Berlin-based digital collage artist Constantin Prozorov. Prozorov’s collage and film editing lend a dream-like quality to Quinn’s renowned use of prints: the floral and animal patterns are situated among fantastical landscapes inhabited by chimerical beasts and dizzying geography, putting the pieces of the collection into a broader world of wonder and limitlessness. 

This kind of artistic collaboration which gives directors and artists more creative control seems to be on the forefront of the current moment in fashion. What is exciting about it is that it does not just feel like a trend, another bandwagon for companies to hop on and exploit, but a real movement. The way products are presented is no longer mere advertisement, but meaningful expression in itself. Moncler shows both wisdom and passion in continuing to contribute to this culture of creativity. What comes next for fashion campaigns? Perhaps we will see in our wildest dreams…

Designer | Richard Quinn
Artwork & Concept | Constantin Prozorov
Animation | Looping Lovers
Photographer | Martina Ferrara
Fashion Editor/Stylist | Robbie Spencer
Hair Stylist | Gianluca Guaitoli
Makeup Artist | Hugo Villard
Model | Amanda Martins, Cami You-Ten, Daphne Simons, Fernanda Oliveira, Freddy Engel, Günce Gözütok, Kateryna Zub, Kely Ferr, Marisha Urushadze, Michelle Van Bijnen, Natalia Renken, Nikki Vonsee, Pilar Boeris, Rufane Tomas

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