Moncler Spring 2024 Men's Fashion Ad Campaign


Spring 2024 Men's Ad Campaign

Review of Moncler Spring 2024 Men’s Ad Campaign with Talent Joaquín Furriel

Moncler Collection evokes mystery in Madrid for its Spring 2024 campaign.

The campaign stars Argentine actor Joaquín Furriel, who fully channels his dramatic chops. The star is captured during the golden hour of the evening among the bustling streets of Madrid, but rather than a simple tale of cosmopolitan luxury, his intense attitudes turn this evening walk into a cinematic mystery. Though he may be just walking his dog or dismounting his bike, a penetrating and surprised gaze towards something behind the camera transforms these scenes into moments of revelation. What does he see? What has been revealed? We’ll never know.

Though this hint of a narrative doesn’t really come together as a conceptual basis for a Moncler campaign – the looks fade to the background compared to Furriel’s emotional intensity – there’s no denying that it makes for an arresting, if a bit aimless, series of images.

Talent | Joaquín Furriel
Location | Madrid, Spain