Moncler x Alicia Keys

Spring 2023 Ad Campaign

Review of Moncler x Alicia Keys Spring 2023 Ad Campaign by Photographers Ibrahem Hasan and Laura Jane Coulson with talent Alicia Keys

Moncler and Alicia Keys unveil their much-awaited collaboration with a campaign that celebrates the collection’s inspiration from the iconic energy of New York City. The campaign was captured by photographers Ibrahem Hasan and Laura Jane Coulson.

Marking Alicia Keys’ first foray into fashion design, the collection draws inspiration from the intersections of New York City’s hip-hop and fashion scenes during the late 90s, in which the singer was immersed just before she found immediate success with her first album.

Moncler and me go way back to when I was a little kid during those New York winters. A Moncler was something you could see, but not quite reach yet. That high vision of excellence to strive for. This collection is like fulfilling that childhood wish on an epic scale.”

– Alicia Keys

Hasan’s campaign images focus on New York as the collection’s point of inspiration, capturing his cast of young models in a larger-than-life perspective against an abstracted backdrop of the city’s iconic skyline, putting an emphasis on the collection’s vibrant colors and enveloping silhouettes. Meanwhile, Coulson’s intimate yet energetic portraits of Keys herself introduce us to Alicia Keys the designer.

Simple yet energetic and effective, the campaign makes strong use of its star’s personality and story as it introduces us to the stylish results of a unique meeting of minds.

Photographers | Ibrahem Hasan and Laura Jane Coulson
Model | Alicia Keys

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