Monot Spring 2022 Fashion Show

Review of Mônot

Spring 2022 Fashion Show

Review of Mônot Spring 2022 Fashion Show

Bare Necessities

By Philippe Pourhashemi

Ever since launching Mônot in 2019, Lebanese designer Eli Mizrahi has had the same kind of woman in mind. Confident, sexy, powerful -and pretty fearless- she is the contemporary version of a femme fatale and has the kind of lavish lifestyle most of us wouldn’t dare dream of. She also knows how to get your attention wearing small amounts of fabric, which -when you come to think of it- is rather sustainable. In a press preview, Mizrahi described his ideal woman and why he designs for her.

“I love strong women and want them to feel empowered by my clothes. Some of my dresses may look bold and extreme, they nevertheless always emphasize the character and personality of the wearer.”

Instead of opting for a more traditional show format, the designer had the smart idea to invite a selected group of VIP guests, press and industry figures for an intimate dinner at the Ritz, including the likes of Carine Roitfeld and her son Vladimir. This gave you an opportunity to examine the garments up-close, as well as understand the Mônot mindset, which is all about body-conscious chic and a slightly rebellious attitude.

It is clear that after months of lockdown and restrictions, women want to dress up again and exude confidence. Mizrahi certainly knows how to make a woman feel sensual, whatever her body type is, and some of his striking demi-couture dresses, with their signature cut-outs and graphic accents, did put you in a party mood. His signature pieces celebrate the female form, with an emphasis on comfort and contemporary fits, working with innovative fabrics that underline every curve while giving women plenty of room to breathe. Using a restrained color palette of black and white that enhanced the purity of his shapes, the Lebanese designer stayed away from decoration or unnecessary embellishments. Within just a few seasons, Mizrahi has crafted a distinctive signature style, which explains why women like Kate Moss, Eva Herzigova, Cardi B or Lizzo gravitate towards his clothes.  

One of the clearest messages to emerge from Milan and Paris is that sex is back. Copious amounts of flesh could be seen in both cities, pushing hedonism to the max. It will be interesting to see if women embrace that trend next season, making it one of the hottest -and raunchiest- to date.  

Fashion Editor-At-Large Brussels | The Impression