MSGM Explores The Sound Of Time 

The Psychedelic Journey Begins

“Time is an extraordinary thing, it can be behind or ahead of us. You have to fit in with its rhythm, otherwise you get old” (Gaetano Pesce). 

According to the physicist Carlo Rovelli, time speeds up and slows down, rears up and bends, oscillates and makes a noise. It doesn’t run from the past to the future, but rather stops, starts up again, dies and then returns in an independent, anarchic dance, without an “objective” or “absolute” rhythm. 


And it is about this world of entropy, one without strict confines, that MSGM is speaking with a collection that mixes hints of heritage and contemporary impulses, “driving a hole” into time and dimensions, as if it were in an altered state of consciousness. 

And once again it is Milan, as always: the past and future come together in the imaginary setting of an Italian apartment, a hangout for the MSGM generation.
The psychedelic journey begins amongst the sound waves of distant music, in a hushed and suspended environment. An instant classic of the brand, magic mushrooms make a comeback in hypnotic prints on poplin shirts and boxer shorts, viscose suits, and large inlays on sweaters. Butterflies make a reappearance, this time in a trippy variant, and hemp leaves sprout on viscose jacquards. 

This fluid approach to reality, and play on perception, is also reflected in the acid marble print, a magmatic casting which imprints itself like lava on bowling shirts, varsity jackets, rave trousers with big pockets, in teddy fabric or mohair.
FLUIDITY is the watchword, and becomes the seasonal logo on heavily-washed hoodies, with rope details. 


With trekking boots, techno accessories, slippers and pool slides in association with ACUPUNCTURE, the attitude is distinctly 90s, while always looking to the future.
The obsession with Italian design goes further than the shapes and colours of the furnishings, and gets into the collection’s DNA. And once again there is fluidity. 

The inspired work from the maestro Gaetano Pesce, free and kaleidoscopic like MSGM itself, influences the creative choices: assembly, treatments, materials.
Feltri and Shadow armchairs are the inspiration behind quilted and upholstered interiors, nylon for oversize parkas and basketball Bermuda shorts, with jersey knit for fleeces and cardigans; a padded print on poplin and nylon recall the iconic Michetta sofa. 

From the Feltri armchair, a Cassina classic, come the vibrant colour combinations (grey and neon orange, chocolate and sky blue, baby pink and lime green) and the unmistakeable lines: zipped parkas and sports vests open up to reflect the triangular shape of the lined backrest. And also in the stitching on the trim, which translates into saddle stitch on formal jackets and trousers in wool suiting. Pleated ripstop fabrics on light shirts, a moiré pattern that is revisited with a contemporary twist, and rib-worked faux fur: the world of lounge becomes loungewear, and loungewear meets streetwear. With daring patterns and explosive colours, life is celebrated to the sound of time. 

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