Nike Presents “Goddess Awakened” With Parris Goebel

On July 5, 2023, in Paris, Nike showed what can happen when movement becomes a movement. In collaboration with choreographer, dancer, artist, athlete and Nike partner Parris Goebel, Nike hosted “Goddess Awakened,” an experience celebrating the collective power of womanhood through movement, style and self-expression.

““Goddess Awakened” represents the next era for Nike Women, one where the brand is a platform for celebrating and empowering female creativity and self-expression through the lens of community,” says Liz Weldon, VP, Global Nike Women’s Brand Management. “We know that one of the greatest ways we can champion women is to open space for them to feel seen and included.” 

The moment was a 40-minute performance directed, choreographed and led by Goebel, brought to life by a collective of more than 30 Nike athletes and partners. It took its inspiration from Nike, the Greek goddess of victory, inspiring viewers to tap into their inner strength and support the collective power of women.

“Throughout history, women have been told how to act, what to say, how to feel — tonight is about breaking those binds and letting our voices be heard, our bodies be acknowledged, and our wings take flight, together,” says Goebel, who wrote a letter to the audience to help set the tone for the night [included in the gallery below]. “To me, there is no better way to express the love, grief, power and femininity of this moment than through dance, and I’m grateful for Nike’s partnership in giving me the stage, literally and figuratively, to do it.”

Style and self-expression was ever present during the event, from the looks worn by attendees to the partner collections and Nike costuming featured in the program. Eye-catching forthcoming pieces from Nike collaborators, including Martine Rose, Yoon Ahn, and Feng Chen Wang, wove together a compelling narrative that was soulful, united and uninhibited.

“The next era for Nike Women means designing for all women and all journeys through distinctive styling and product — and you can see the range of that vivid, joyful and provocative expression in the pieces worn tonight, brought to life by our Nike collective,” says Tania Flynn, VP, Nike Apparel Design. “By celebrating all forms of movement, all bodies and all creative identities, we can help redefine the future of sport for the next generation.”

Nike is delivering innovation, expertise, services and experiences across body, mind and life. To that end, last month it introduced Nike Well Collective, a new proposition to help create a life well lived.

Taken together, these moments — with “Goddess Awakened” as the latest example — demonstrate Nike’s commitment to being the world’s biggest champion for women and girls.