Dries Van Noten News Store Scout 2022

Opening Of Gohar World at Dries Van Noten Little House LA

Dries Van Noten has announced his invitation to Laila & Nadia Gohar to exhibit their first shoppable installation of their eponymous tableware brand, Gohar World. The artist and sister duo invite guests to step inside their universe at the “House of Gohar” at The Little House, 451 N. La Cienega Blvd in Los Angeles. Available to the public from December 3, 2022 until January 2, 2023.

The month-long residency arrives just in time for visitors to shop Gohar World’s surreal Table II offering of candles, dinnerware, linens, table accessories, and wearables for the holiday season.

Inspired by the circus and fun houses, the installation is outfitted in vibrant trompe l’oeil murals lined with decadently stacked glassware, and fancifully-dressed colorblock tables sprinkled with sweet and savory food candles, langoustine mother of pearl dessert spoons, plates embellished with bean drawings, and glamorous gloves for dishwashing.

451 N. La Cienega Blvd in Los Angeles

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