Spring 2023 Fashion Trend

If the summer runways spoke about anything with consistency, then it was of the urge to escape. Call it ‘The Great Resignation’, ‘Quiet Quitting’, or the defiant stance that your job won’t ‘Break Your Soul’, but designers implored us to get away from everything and anything in crisp cottons, artisanal-crafted crochets, and a spectrum of sunset hues.  Ombré replaced tie-dye at Ester Manas and Etro, and aeriated knits will extend the life of the category right up to high summer.  Isabel Marant brought back early 2000s boho, but floor-sweeping lengths are an unexpected styling gift which makes this trend feel all the more grown up, seen at both Saint Laurent in dark summer tones and Christian Wijnants in pastel hues, this was real resort wear for those considering a temporary – or even permanent – relocation.

Fashion Features and News Editor | The Impression
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