Fall 2019 Fashion Ad Campaign

Palomo Spain

Fall 2019 Ad Campaign by Matt Lambert

When Palomo Spain debuted their 1916 Fall 2019 collection last February at New York Fashion Week, they stayed true to their essence—flamboyant and sensual designs that disregard the rules of traditional menswear. And thankfully just like their shows, Palomo Spain campaigns have no inhibitions whatsoever showing desire manifested through nude models and dominatrix. 

This week, Alejandro Gómez Palomo released a sultry campaign shot by Berlin-based photographer Matt Lambert that is full of art historical allusions. Matt Lambert explores queer romance and intimacy through the campaign, drawing inspiration from Sergei Diaghilev’s Ballets Russes. 

The campaign juxtaposes a formal Renaissance pictorial with documentary mayhem. “It’s two different approaches that are both so intrinsic to the house of Palomo Spain,” says Alejandro Gómez Palomo. “On one side, you have these arty, picturesque and exquisite [images] and the other more instinctive, impulsive ones that Matt uses to take us to a romantic, lustful – and almost museum-like – world.”

Matt Lambert’s work as a filmmaker, photographer and creative director is in capturing 21st century sex, especially that of queer romance. He captures the hard and soft edges of sexuality, and everything that exists within the spectrum. Normalizing queer romance through 17th century references is incredibly powerful, and distinguishes Palomo Spain as a house that activates and inspires. 

Palomo Spain Creative Director | Alejandro Gómez Palomo
Photographer | Matt Lambert
Production | Jannis Birsner, Aida Cabrera
Post Production | Studio RM
Models | Elliot H., Pol Roig Valldosera, Alejandro Lavirgen Franco, Nathan H., Jordan Kindell, Luca Ateca
Stylist | Alicia Padron
Grooming | Guillermo Matellano
Casting Director | Antonio Delgado
Location | Madrid, Spain