Poshmark Highlights Sustainable Brands With Earth Month Livestreaming

The Livestream Shopping Events Will Platform Sustainable Brands on Poshmark’s Social Shopping Platform

Poshmark is highlighting its success in livestream shopping as part of its Earth Month celebration, with a series of live shopping events showcasing sustainably minded brands.

During this month, Poshmark will host live shopping events featuring collaborations with brands such as Rothy’s and Christy Dawn, alongside auctions by Pact, Wolven, Cleobella, Whimsy + Row, and Aday, offering exclusive and sample merchandise. A portion of the net gross merchandise value from these shows will be donated to Veritree, supporting the organization’s tree-planting projects.

The initiative not only emphasizes the environmental benefits of resale and sustainable brands but also showcases the potential of livestream shopping in the U.S.

Livestream shopping has seen tremendous success in China, with sales reaching $680 billion last year, according to Statista. In the U.S., this format has also experienced significant growth, with sales reaching $50 billion last year, a 150 percent increase. Poshmark has been at the forefront of this trend, inviting its top sellers to start livestreaming since April last year, with thousands of Posh Show sessions hosted monthly. Since the platform introduced livestreaming in late 2022, shoppers have collectively watched over 1 billion minutes of Posh Shows.

“Some brands have more followers on Poshmark than they do on their own Instagram handle or their own TikTok handles,” said Steven Tristan Young, Poshmark’s Chief Marketing Officer. “How do we give them more of a voice? The hard part is that it’s a balance. We want to give our sellers a voice. So this is a great example where we’re giving the brands a voice, but it’s not just them.”

The Earth Month shows will be hosted on Poshmark’s platform but emceed by representatives from the partner brands. This initiative not only amplifies the voice of sustainable brands but also aligns with Poshmark’s commitment to sustainability, a core aspect of its business model.

Jamie Gersch, chief marketing officer of Rothy’s, said in a statement: “Rothy’s is excited to join forces with Poshmark this Earth Month to celebrate and reward a passionate resale community for extending the life of their Rothy’s, which are not only crafted from recycled plastic bottles, but also remarkably durable. Together, Rothy’s and Poshmark are modeling a more circular future for fashion, where brands encourage customers to keep their closets in circulation, and give their items another life through resale.”