Prada 'Galleria' Ad Campaign with Scarlett Johansson


'Galleria' Spring 2024 Ad Campaign

Review of Prada ‘Galleria’ Ad Campaign by Creative Director Ferdinando Verderi and Director Jonathan Glazer with Talent Scarlett Johansson

Prada reunites with Scarlett Johansson for another cinematic and multifaceted exploration of the character contained in its Galleria handbag. The campaign features creative direction from Ferdinando Verderi and was directed by Jonathan Glazer, who is fresh off an Oscar win for his incredibly powerful and relevant film The Zone of Interest.

Glazer’s narrative continues to mine the dichotomy between performance and reality so mysteriously embodied by a talented actor that has long been a central tenet of Prada’s cinematic campaigns, and has especially found new vitality in recent seasons. The film opens in black-and-white with the camera steadily trained on Johansson’s expressive visage as she delivers lines from Shakespeare – specifically those spoken by the characters Lady Macbeth and Cleopatra, two powerful, regal, and complex women.

An intense musical score emphasizes the emotional atmosphere as Johansson ratchets up the intensity of her gripping performance. Then suddenly the fourth wall breaks, and we see a shot of the camera filming her as production assistants buzz about and a makeup artist touches up her look. Eventually, the black and white fades to color. The film ends as Johansson exits the studio – her Galleria bag around her arm – and catches a cab.

It’s common to see talented actors cast in fashion campaigns, but rarely do we see a campaign that makes space for an actor to really showcase their craft. Here Johansson’s skill is on full display. Furthermore, this actor is paired with a great director, and Glazer’s ability to blend nuanced realism with a sense of the transcendently uncanny perfectly complements her performance.

That would make for an excellent and unique campaign on its own, but it feels even more effective in conversation with the first Galleria campaign in which Johansson appeared. That campaign was all bright colors and whimsical poetry; this one is intense, grounded, and flirts with darkness.

It’s a duality that fleshes out the persona of the actor that Prada has been exploring, embodying the way these enigmatic artists can inhabit such a broad spectrum of emotions and intents – yet anchoring it all is a singular human being. The campaign is multifaceted, intellectual, and enthralling – much like Prada itself.

Prada Creative Directors | Miuccia Prada & Raf Simons
Creative Director | Ferdinando Verderi
Director | Jonathan Glazer
Talent | Scarlett Johansson
Location | New York City

Senior Fashion Writer | The Impression