Jake Gyllenhaal Prada Luna Rossa


'Luna Rossa Ocean' 2024 Ad Campaign

Review of Prada ‘Luna Rossa Ocean’ 2024 Ad Campaign by Film Directors Nicolas Davenel and Vanessa Dumont with model Jake Gyllenhaal

Prada Luna Rossa and Jake Gyllenhaal reunite to explore the cutting-edge technical design and athletic prowess of the brand’s champion sailing team. Directed by Nicolas Davenel and Vanessa Dumont, the mini-documentary “Beyond the Line” sees the actor and Prada ambassador meet members of Prada’s sailing team and get first-hand experience with the thrill of piloting the Luna Rossa.

Gyllenhaal grew up sailing, but your average sailboat is a completely different beast from the boat of the Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli team. The film introduces him to the athletes and the impressive craft that goes into making the vessel before putting them out into the ocean, where Gyllenhaal even gets a chance to drive the boat.

“I do love the technical, and I do so deeply love the artistry of what it is that I do. I’m always trying to challenge myself, stay curious, keep variety and change different worlds,” Gyllenhaal said. “That matches with what Mrs. Prada and Raf are doing, and what Mrs. Prada has done for so many years with Prada.”

It’s a smart format to bring a fragrance ambassador together with the sailing team that Prada sponsors has long been a vehicle for cutting-edge design thinking and emphasizing the intersection of fashion and athletics. Gyllenhaal in a way stands in for the audience member watching at home, an outsider who gets to experience the thrill of the open sea. Jake Gyllenhaal, of course, looks better than most, even when wearing some Prada sailing gear. It’s a thrilling and stylish synthesis of creative worlds.

Prada Creative Directors | Miuccia Prada & Raf Simons
Film Directors | Nicolas Davenel and Vanessa Dumont
Model | Jake Gyllenhaal