Prada Names Jia Ling as Brand Ambassador

Prada Names Jia Ling as Brand Ambassador

The Chinese Director, Actress, and Comedian Joins Prada as Its Latest Brand Ambassador

Prada has named Chinese director, actress, and comedian Jia Ling as its latest brand ambassador.

The appointment is heralded by a new campaign shot by Shanghai-based photographer Wang Ziqian, in which Jia is seen wearing a Prada trenchcoat and carrying the new Prada Galleria in Soft Grain. The editorial also includes a short interview with Jia, where she discusses her creative drive and the role of fashion in her creative process.

“Jia Ling’s vigorous artistic expression shares the freshness and timelessness,” Prada remarked in a statement celebrating the appointment. “Prada looks forward to witnessing Jia Ling’s future creations, bringing new perspectives to Chinese cinematic narratives.”

Jia Ling, known for her comedic beginnings, gained fame with her live performances during the annual CCTV Spring Festival Gala. In 2021, she made her directorial and performance debut with “Hi, Mom,” a film that broke box office records in China.

In February 2024, Jia topped the box office charts again with “YOLO,” a film she directed and starred in, making her a household name in China. The movie garnered significant box office sales and showcased Jia’s versatility as a filmmaker and actress.

Prada emphasized that Jia Ling’s work challenges conventional labels, focusing on creation that contemplates the intricacies of society and life. The brand aims to strengthen its ties with the film industry through its collaboration with Jia, promoting art and culture.

Notably, Prada has previously worked with Chinese filmmakers such as Jia Zhangke and Wang Kar Wai on various projects. Jia Ling now joins a roster of influential individuals from mainland China who represent the brand, including actor Li Xian, singer Tan Jianci, table tennis player Ma Long, and basketball player Yang Shuyu.