Ralph Lauren The 888 House Fall 2023 Ad Campaign with Anna Ewers

Ralph Lauren

The 888 House Fall 2023 Ad Campaign

Review of Ralph Lauren The 888 House Fall 2023 Ad Campaign by Photographer Carter Berg with models Anna Ewers and Fei Fei Sung

Ralph Lauren celebrates the launch of its new RL 888 handbag with a stunning foray into the wild west – both real and virtual. The new bag is the star of a Fall 2023 campaign realized in collaboration with photographer Carter Berg and videographer Robert Elswit, as well as an innovative virtual retail installation.

Handcrafted by artisans in Florence but with defined angles and curves inspired by the New York City skyline, the 888 bag – its name a nod to the Madison Avenue women’s flagship – distills Ralph Lauren design signatures into an elegant and timeless statement piece that can accompany any style mood of the RL woman.

Embodying this woman across the campaign’s narrative are models Anna Ewers and Fei Fei Sung. Juxtaposing the star bag’s cosmopolitan elegance, the imagery unfolds across a western desert setting where vast dusty plains give way to sweeping mountains and endless sky. Complete with cowboy hats, the styling further pushes Ralph Lauren’s longstanding connection with the American west and its spirit of trailblazing independence.

Meanwhile, balancing out this rugged and organic imagery is a video and digital initiative that form the brand’s deepest dive into the virtual world yet. Deploying cutting-edge CGI and rendering technology, the brand has brought to life The 888 House, a digital space that forms a conceptual home for the Ralph Lauren Collection and an immersive virtual retail experience. Rising out of the same rugged desert landscape as the campaign, the 888 House stands as a mirrored modernist marvel, while its rooms and corridors blend architectural ingenuity and vintage artwork with unfettered imagination. Virtually entering the space, customers can explore its rooms and discover RL clothing displays – which feature the new bag front and center – that are shoppable directly within the virtual experience.

It’s truly exciting to see Ralph Lauren dive so confidently into the future of digital communication and retail. As technology progresses and people become more aware of and excited about the opportunities it presents – including within our shopping habits – we can expect that immersive retail experiences will become more standard. It’s thus wise to get a head start on the trend. But it’s equally important that the brand has embraced the future while remaining so true to its visual identity and values.

Ralph Lauren has seen strong growth this year, which comes as a result of a push to elevate every aspect of the customer experience and refocus on the foundations of the brand. The launch of a star handbag, which may be poised to become an instant icon, is a strong way to capitalize on this momentum and solidify the brand’s newfound reach. By doubly celebrating this launch with both a strong campaign and an exciting foray into the virtual realm, Ralph Lauren makes the most of a pivotal moment.

Ralph Lauren Chief Creative Officer | Ralph Lauren
Photographer | Carter Berg
Videographer | Robet Elswit
Models |  Anna Ewers & Fei Fei Sung
Stylist | Meryl Griffith
Hair | Tomo Jidai
Makeup | Mark Carrasquillo
Manicurist | Dawn Sterling
Casting Director | Piergiorgio Del Moro

Senior Fashion Writer | The Impression