Rankin Looks Back at the Dazed Years With New Photography Exhibition

“Back in the Dazed” Charts the Influential Photographer’s Work at the Iconic Magazine He Cofounded

Influential British fashion photographer Rankin has announced a showcase of his work with a new exhibition titled “Back in the Dazed” at 180 Studios at 180 The Strand. The exhibition, running from May 28 to June 23, focuses on his photography for the iconic indie magazine Dazed from 1991 to 2001, which he cofounded alongside Jefferson Hack.

Rankin expressed the importance of the exhibition in an interview, stating, “It’s important for a few reasons; first and foremost this exhibition is about where I started. As the founder of Dazed with Jefferson Hack, we created a platform not only for ourselves but for tons of other creatives.”

Rankin’s work at Dazed challenged perceptions of fashion photography, with images featuring celebrities like Kate Moss, Björk, and Roy Brown. One standout photo for him is of Nasi King, a Michael Jackson lookalike with heavy retouching to resemble a surgical version of the pop star.

Rankin highlighted the theme of reality versus fantasy in his work, stating, “That line between reality and fantasy has always fascinated me, and the images really showcase that sense of questioning and provoking reaction which my time at Dazed really represents.”

His friendship with model Roy Brown, who graced the debut cover of Dazed and Confused, continues to this day. To promote the exhibition, Rankin and Brown plan to recreate the image from three decades ago.

“For me, it’s also fun to remember a time when the world felt very optimistic and things were so positive. We need that right now,” Rankin said.

“Now, there are so many independent magazines that fill that space and I feel like they share the original Dazed ethos. So in many ways, the publishing industry is getting better as indie imprints are getting wider recognition,” he added.