Rosie and Max Assoulin Launch New Label 'By Any Other Name.

Rosie and Max Assoulin

Launch New Label 'By Any Other Name'

For many, one market opportunity reveals another, as is the case for designer Rosie Assoulin, who after launching her eponymous label in 2012, has joined with husband Max Assoulin to launch a new label this week entitled By Any Other Name.

The collection unfolds as a soft counter offer to the dramatic collections the designer shows during New York Fashion Week. Reads the press release, ‘Created in response to savoring the simple pleasure of navigating one’s daily life in an understated, graceful way. Imbued with a sanguine and purposeful spirit, and artfully designed with comfort in mind, the collection is relevant to our lives, desires and identities today.’ We admire any writer who manages to infuse such passion in a release.

The passion must be trickling over to a few retailers as well such as Moda Operandi, Nordstrom, FortyFiveTen and Saks Fifth Avenue who all got behind the collection priced from $595 to $1295 for the launch this season.

To bring the everyday elegance to life, the duo enlisted photographer Natalie O’Moore to capture the collection in darting about the day in New York from shopping bodegas to jaunting stairs in the subways.

Should the collection gain traction remains to be seen, but The Impression admires the duo’s knack for appreciating the ‘other’ moments of one’s life and seeking to provide a little luxury during them. Becasue to the fashion flock, no moment is too unimporatnt to not have a little luxury in it.