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Saint Laurent

'Rue de Verneuil' Spring 2021 Ad Campaign

Review of Saint Laurent ‘Rue de Verneuil’ Spring 2021 Ad Campaign by Saint Laurent Creative Director Anthony Vaccarello & Photographer Juergen Teller with model Kate Moss

Saint Laurent celebrates the history and color of their home city with a new campaign for Spring 2021, which features photography by Juergen Teller.

Teller brings his knack for naturalness and persona to capturing legendary supermodel Kate Moss. He lenses her with an air of effortless cool before a graffitied city wall, where she even adds her own tag. With her combination of everyday denim and Parisian bourgeois-chic style, Moss seems ready to show up anywhere and own it.

This colorful facade on Paris’ Rue de Verneuil is actually the outer wall of the former residence of legendary French musician Serge Gainsbourg, whose graffitied face we see smirking in the background. In addition to its visual quirks, the location may have been chosen symbolically; with his diverse, excellent, and often provocative musical output, we can see why he might be a personal hero of Anthony Vaccarello. Among Gainsbourg, Moss, Vaccarello, and Teller, we find ourselves in pretty excellent company.

These days Saint Laurent has two different styles or approaches to creating the imagery for their campaigns: one is one is the black-and-white portraiture by David Sims, which tends to capture the strength and character of the designs, and the other is the color photography from Teller, which brings the clothing out into the world and there finds a strong sense of mood and character.

This has proven to be a smart choice by Vaccarello; the two styles inform and reinforce each other, and offer variety while still maintaining a consistent brand image.

Saint Laurent Creative Director | Anthony Vaccarello
Photographer | Juergen Teller
Model | Kate Moss