'Apparel Shop' 2023 Ad Campaign

Review of Skims ‘The Apparel Shop’ 2023 Ad campaign by Photographer Brent McKeever with models Alana Champion, Delilah Parillo, Diana Veras, Selena Sloan

Skims shares a new campaign for Summer 2023 by photographer Brent McKeever that celebrates the arrival of a new collection of off-duty sweat sets and vintage-inspired tees in limited edition colors to the unbelievably popular brand’s online Apparel Shop.

McKeever’s imagery situates the collection’s casual and bright staples among a shadowy studio space that recalls a theater set with fake grass, blue sky, and rock formations – which might feel a bit forgettable were it not for the big impact made by the unique makeup, big energy of the models, and, most of all, the vibrant colors that are perfect for summer.

Photographer | Brent McKeever
Models | Alana Champion, Delilah Parillo, Diana Veras, Selena Sloan
Hair | Tiago Goya
Makeup | Kali Kennedy
Manicurist | Marisa Carmichael

Senior Fashion Writer | The Impression
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