Skims Ad Campaign 2024


Spring 2024 "Wedding Shop" Ad Campaign

Review of Skims “Wedding Shop” Spring 2024 Ad Campaign by Photographer Ellen von Unwerth with Talent Alex Cooper

Skims Skims celebrates the relaunch of its Wedding Shop with a new campaign starring Alex Cooper, the host of Call Her Daddy who has been hailed as the world’s most listened-to woman podcaster.

Cooper was shot by photographer Ellen von Unwerth amid the buzz leading up to the podcaster’s own wedding – which, considering the star’s high-profile status and the emergence of celebrity weddings as a major pop-cultural and marketing force, is sure to be big.

Von Unwerth’s imagery, however, makes playful references to the kitschy, 60s-y aesthetic of Las Vegas weddings. Ornate wallpaper, velvet couches, and a many-tiered wedding cake provide fitting backdrops for the collection of sleepwear and lingerie that references traditional bridal details like satin and white lace.

Skims continues to make smart moves in expanding the roster of powerful women who appear in its campaigns. It’s a smart idea to enlist a podcaster, which is a hugely popular medium full of new celebrities that nonetheless hasn’t crossed over into fashion too much yet. The move is especially smart and in keeping with the brand’s values as the podcast focuses on and celebrates feminism and sex positivity, and in that its host is a true bride-to-be.

Skims Creative Director | Kim Kardashian
Photographer | Ellen von Unwerth
Talent | Alex Cooper

Senior Fashion Writer | The Impression