Spring 2024 Ad Campaign

Review of Skims Spring 2024 Ad Campaign by Agency Wieden+Kennedy and Director Frank Lebon with model Kim Kardashian

Skims‘ first-ever TV ad campaign is out of this world. Directed by Frank Lebon and with production by Wieden+Kennedy, the campaign that premiered during the Oscars red carpet brilliantly dramatizes the research and dedication Kim Kardashian puts into her brand and cements her status as a marketing genius.

Set on a futuristic lab in outer space, the campaign hyperbolizes Kim’s notorious obsession with being involved in product development at every level. Brought to life through a combination of painstaking real footage and digital animation, an army of Kim Klones put the brand’s signature shapewear through a series of tests, some somewhat real – like the suggestive bouncing chair or weightlessness tests inspired by the work of astronauts – and some more fantastical, like the experiment that zooms into the fabric on a subatomic level. Gary Wright’s iconic track “Dream Weaver” is a fun and smart soundtrack choice to extend the campy and fantastical mood.

“With this being our first-ever made for TV campaign, we really wanted to bring viewers into the SKIMS universe and create a film about our brand story and obsession with product development in a witty, yet extravagant way,” says Kim Kardashian. “It was great working with Frank on this—his unique creativity and talent for storytelling really shined through. I am really proud of what we created together.”

Skims can sometimes have a bit of an imbalance and disconnect between its mission of supporting real women of all body types and its tendency to overindulge in the Kult of Kim, and this campaign certainly falls into the second category. But it does so in a cleverly self-aware way and with excellent visuals, instantly drawing us deep into this sci-fi world where the brand’s relentless pursuit of perfection is everything. It’s one of the strongest examples yet of the brand’s ability to both achieve break-the-internet levels of buzz and emphasize a consistently great product at the same time.

Skims Creative Director | Kim Kardashian
Director | Frank Lebon
Production | Wieden+Kennedy
Models | Kim Kardashian

Senior Fashion Writer | The Impression