Songzio Spring 2024 Ad Campaign


'Pure Rebel' Spring 2024 Ad Campaign

Review of Songzio ‘Pure Rebel’ Spring 2024 Ad Campaign with Photographer Cho Gi-Seok

Songzio explores fragility and defiance in its new Spring 2024 campaign by visionary photographer Cho Gi-Seok.

Cho is known for his richly colored and layered photographs that make evocative use of complex visual symbolism, an approach that he brings to this campaign in spades. The photographer examines themes of vulnerability and rebellion through classical references. One image, for example, sees a character with one feather wing plummet through a shadowy sky in reference to the myth of Icarus, who dared to fly too close to the sun. Another portrait sees a model pierced with arrows in reference to the martyrdom of Saint Sebastian, who was killed for his faith (and who became art history’s biggest queer icon), and holding a dove, suggesting a tension between violence and peace. Other images make use of mask to distort a sense of identity, or set a single character in opposition to a group.

Without making any direct statements, the campaign perhaps seeks to inspire a reflection on individuality and conflict, whether it’s within the fashion industry, in the world at large, or within ourselves. Is order inherently more desirable than chaos? When is it right to rebel? What is too big to sacrifice?

It’s a very rare fashion campaign that can provoke these kinds of questions. Though it may not be too well known outside of its home of Korea, Songzio has been doing great work and pushing fashion forward since the 90s. With campaigns as strong as these – thanks in no small part to an excellent photographer – we can expect that the brand will break through on a wide scale soon.

Songzio Creative Director | Jay Songzio
Photographer | Cho Gi-Seok