Stefan Cooke

Fall 2021 Ad Campaign

Review of Stefan Cooke Fall 2021 Ad Campaign by Art Director Bruce Usher and Photographer Theo Sion with model Hamish Dunbar-rees

Stefan Cooke boldly moves classic menswear pieces forward with a Fall 2021 campaign by photographer Theo Sion.

Sion’s boldly simple portraiture shows off the collection’s unique flair for smart tailoring and hybrid pieces: a tweed varsity jacket extends to become a pleated mini dress; a cobalt-blue sweater features a built-in skirt; there is a cropped cape, and another tweed jacket with a subtly dress-like outward taper.

Each piece displays some aspect of combination, both literally in seeming like two classic pieces at once, and in its unique gender fluidity. The makeup work on model Hamish Dunbar-rees amplifies this latter characteristic while the hairstyling, with bangs that cover his eyes, lends his persona a cheeky sense of intrigue.

The art direction positions Dunbar-rees over the designer’s eponymous logo, adding some spatial depth and echoing the energy of his expressive poses.

The simplicity of the campaign feels classic, like a reference to old-school fashion magazine ads or store-window posters. This classic simplicity underscores and sets off the strength of the designs, which subvert classic pieces with a brilliant and progressive design vision.

Stefan Cooke Creative Director | Stefan Cooke
Art Direction | Bruce Usher
Photographer | Theo Sion
Stylist | Alice Goddard
Model | Hamish Dunbar-rees
Hair | Mari Ohasi
Makeup | Janeen Witherspoon
Casting | Troy Casting