Sunnei and Media Magazine Unveil Issue 2, Redefining Visual Experience

Media is the third release of an illustrated publication in constant metamorphosis. Its format, style and even its name change issue by issue, adapting to the subject selected by Alessandro Moretti and An- drea Vago, the two creative minds behind the project.

Firstly, Pantheon. It was their issue 0 and, as such, they decided to devote it to the absence/presence intrinsic to the number zero, inter- preted as the mystery of spirituality.
From zero to one: the following issue was Carne -the Italian word for flesh-, and it was about the oneness of the individual.

Two is the number suggesting interaction and from here, the idea for Media. Two implies contact, synergy, exchange, and thus more subjects. This was translated into paper expression on multiple levels. Each art- work featured on Media’s pages comes from the collaboration of two contributors who joined forces in four-handed graphic projects where each of the two artists could use just one color, either green or red. As a result, each design is a combination of different styles and ideas, whose blend gives life to one-of-a-kind images of great visual impact.

Green and red allow an additional interplay, this time with the read- er. When looking at the magazine through the red see-through visor bundled with the issue, every red element on the paper disappears, altering the viewer’s perception of what they see.

The visual journey is enriched by four interviews. One with a philoso- pher discerning the concept of relation from his professional stand- point, another one with a translator talking about language in terms of connection, a conversation with a sociologist on the relation between humans and objects and a discussion with Chat GPT on our attitude towards a.i.

Media’s journey crosses with SUNNEI in 2021 when SUNNEI’s founders discover the publication and agree on the fact that is a project worth supporting. This moment signs the beginning of a two-year-long col- laborative journey leading to today’s release of an issue where all the elements that had initially caught Loris Messina and Simone Rizzo’s attention are at their fullest bloom.

This project has been a tandem at each step: starting from exchang- ing views on the theme of the issue and ending with a special launch event held at SUNNEI’s Milanese flagship store in Via Vincenzo Vela 8.

This joint venture follows the SUNNEI x Naba mentorship program of 2022 as a series of activities to support promising talents in Milan.