Super Graphic

Men's Spring 2024 Fashion Trend

Quiet luxury who? The super-graphic trend that took hold of the menswear runways in Milan and Paris is all about pushing the boundaries of visibility and communication within a single look. This movement is characterized by oversized visuals that can range across an entire look, with designers often taking advantage of digital printing techniques or fabric manipulation. Snippets of illegibal text, cartoonish motifs, and graphic logos extend this trend, transforming their wearers into moving pop-art exhibitions.

Balmain referenced both 60s photography and contemporary figure painting for glam looks that riffed on the idea of fashion as “wearable art.” Marine Serre transformed the everyday, putting her signature penchant for upcycling to work in splicing together old graphic tees for collage-like graphic crossovers. Homme Plissé Issey Miyake fell on the more refined side of the spectrum, printing its signature pleated garments with elegant abstract brushstrokes. Louis Vuitton, on the other hand, was all about over-the-top boldness with looks that sought to revive logomania kitsch.