The Art Of Genius – Moncler Redefines Collaboration With Its Co-Creation Platform & Immersive Live Event

LONDON, ENGLAND - FEBRUARY 20: Lewis Hamilton attends the Moncler Presents: The Art of Genius at Olympia London on February 20, 2023 in London, England. (Photo by Dave Benett/Getty Images for Moncler)

The new vision for Moncler Genius was shared in London with a community of 10,000 people

Moncler unleashed a new vision for Moncler Genius through an immersive live event, The Art of Genius in London on February 21st. Transforming its collaboration model into a platform for co-creation, Moncler challenged the boundaries of possibility at the intersection of Art, Design, Entertainment, Music, Sport, and Culture. A community of 10,000 guests at Olympia London came together to embrace this experience, including appearances from Awich, Bianca Balti, J Balvin, Hailey Bieber, Naomi Campbell, Alexa Chung, Poppy Delevingne, Ellie Goulding, Lewis Hamilton, Winnie Harlow, SAINt JHN, Chen Linong, Hwang Min-hyun, Naenano, ASAP Nast, Tobe Nwigwe, Fat Nwigwe, Marcus Rashford, Maria Sharapova, Nigel Sylvester, FKA Twigs, Cole Walliser, Serena Williams, Letitia Wright, Charli XCX.

“When we launched Moncler Genius in 2018, our ambition was to create and share new energy with ever new communities, while going beyond the conventions of the fashion sector and collaborating with extraordinary talents to create something totally new and unexpected.

This commitment to new forms of creativity and cross fertilization continues to this day. What evolves are the spaces where this creativity takes place and expands going beyond boundaries. It is the ability to see and create together what we could never have imagined alone. It is the acknowledgement of a contemporaneity made of worlds that interact with each other and inspire reciprocally. It is all about our quest to always explore new paradigms.

Since day one Genius has been a promise of continuous evolution. Yesterday we doubled down on that promise. In London we showed a vision that further expanded our universe of fashion collaboration to a platform of co-creation across different industries. We have seen the coming together of diverse sectors expressing themselves and creating a language that defines a new way to experience the brand: music, design, art, entertainment, sport and fashion have brought their unique codes and their energy together shaping memorable moments for our communities. This is Genius” – Remo Ruffini, Chairman and CEO of Moncler

A platform for co-creation across varied creative spheres, The Art of Genius saw distinct artistic worlds collide under one roof as the 2023 lineup of creators took over the space, bringing together their unique interpretations of Genius. From an invitation to lay down sounds with one of the world’s most visionary record producers, to an outstanding and unforgettable live music performance, or an immersive journey through digitally created mountains – the mammoth arena was teeming with creative energy. Moncler’s heritage was reimagined in ways that went beyond fashion, including a futuristic journey into modes of transportation, and a psychedelic take on glamping in the wilderness. Guests were also able to explore reimagined show formats: from a robot peep show that paints a new picture of love, to a foam and sound installation, and a design showcase placing furniture at the center of an all-night afterparty.

Photo by Dave Benett/Getty Images for Moncler

Photo by Dave Benett/Getty Images for Moncler

The Art of Dreaming by Alicia Keys
Grammy Award-winning artist, songwriter, and entrepreneur Alicia Keys performed an awe-inspiring live set of anthems. Centred around her iconic piano, stunning visuals and the powerful emotion only she can create, the epic performance oscillated between intimacy and strength as the singer was joined by a wave of cool choreographed dancers. Keys chose to share the spotlight with BRIT Award and Mercury-Prize winning musician Little Simz, and Cleo Sol, creating a rare and uplifting moment that embraced community and celebrated the talent and success of others.

Her spectacular set conjured emotions of yearning, ambition and accomplishment as she
dedicated the performance to “The Art of Dreaming,” a key source of inspiration and a nod to her hometown New York City.

“The Art of Dreaming is that pure creativity that inspires you to keep reaching higher, no matter what life throws at you.” – Alicia Keys

This was also the moment we were introduced to Alicia Keys the designer. All performers wore designs from the upcoming Moncler x Alicia Keys collection, an effortlessly fluid capsule she describes as “Cool, easy, 100% New York – inspired by late ’90s streetwear, but with a twist.”

The Art of Terrain by Pharrell Williams
Creative polymath and style pioneer Pharrell Williams took his vision to the surreal outdoors, with a glamping inspired wonderland. A glowing green wilderness of grass and luscious foliage set the scene for the new collection. “The Art of Terrain is taking in the world around you and getting inspired to create something beautiful. If you allow yourself to be open, you can find inspiration in almost anything.” – Pharrell Williams

Moncler x Pharrell Williams revolves around the idea of glamping: camping, with a stress on the refined aspect of clothing, meant for outdoor experiences and metropolitan adventures alike. Functionality is key, detachable pockets and detachable sleeves; zippers that turn trousers into shorts; a picnic blanket that doubles as a cape.

The Art of Imagination by Mercedes-Benz
The Mercedes-Benz installation confounded time and space to create a surreal, yet elevated destination. Performers danced in a low-gravity chamber whilst frozen visuals glided across transparent LED screens and smoke billowed – before eventually revealing an artistic interpretation of the ultimate discovery machine.

“The Mercedes-Benz Art Piece, titled PROJECT MONDO G, was staged in an imaginary new universe. Displayed on a pedestal, the monolithic art piece was surrounded by an otherworldly landscape, fit for the co-creation that merged the iconic Mercedes-Benz off-roader G-Class and the luxurious puffer jacket of Moncler. The setting immersed viewers into the main themes of outdoor durability and limitless opportunities for discovery.” – Mercedes-Benz

The Art of Lightness by Palm Angels
Palm Angels tapped London’s Boiler Room to turn up the volume with a one-of-a-kind foam and sound installation. The foam symbolized Moncler’s affinity for the snow and created a place-non-place to explore through sound and touch, with inhibitions left at the door.

“The Art of Lightness is related to the infinite possibilities we have inside and outside ourselves. My intention was to create an immersive experience where foam represents a metaphor of the snow, which at the same time refers to a deep sense of peace. The result is a celebration of the individual imagination – a space that can be whatever you want it to be, where freedom and self-expression are enhanced at the utmost.” – Francesco Ragazzi, Palm Angels

The Moncler x Palm Angels collection, launching later this year, is a further exploration of Francesco Ragazzi’s endless fascination with vintage and americana, interpreted through the distinctive Palm Angels filter. It exudes a post-preppy feel, taking elements from that enduring code and turning them inside out and upside down. A thrift store megamix spirit is conveyed through looks that are apparently haphazard but do, in fact, make perfect sense.

The Art of Love by FRGMT
A robot peepshow starring adorable ‘LOVOTs’ animated Hiroshi Fujiwara’s futuristic vision of emotional connection. Japan’s small, yet powerful LOVOTs were designed to replicate human interaction with warmth and intensity, sparking comfort and joy for their human owners. Not only did the LOVOTs entertain guests as they interacted with performers, they also modelled designs from the upcoming collection.

“The Art of Love is familiar to us all, but also exceptionally diverse. There are many kinds of ‘love’ – many different ways of showing love to others. I hope this installation contributes to spreading love to the world in a unique way.” – Hiroshi Fujiwara, FRGMT

A glimpse of Moncler x FRGMT reveals a fusion of classic and contemporary, with houndstooth patterns and flowers blooming in photo print on puffers and vests.

The Art of Exploration by adidas Originals
Guests were conveyed on a moving runway through a vertical LED glacier, complete with gusts of icy fog, sound effects and scaffolding displaying the co-created collection. The dynamically-lit scaffolding, elevated with models dressed in the collection, denoted a metaphor for the collection’s theme of “City to Summit.”

“The Art of Exploration is fundamentally about fearlessly stepping into the unknown. Our collection takes on contemporary frontiers – from the city streets to the summit peaks – for a new context. The immersive event is an extension of this vision – toying with the senses in order to confront guests with an experience that is inspirational and outside of the norm.” – Stefano Pierre Beruschi, Senior Design Director, Culture Collaborations & Partnerships, adidas Originals

The Moncler x adidas Originals collection revolves around the notion of exploration: a journey in which the past becomes the future and the mountain peaks are taken to the city streets, in a mix of luminous colors which recall traffic lights – bright yellow, green, orange, red, alongside other vivid and muted tones.

The Art of Elements by Salehe Bembury
Forecasting big things for his ready-to-wear debut, the footwear guru’s gravitational pull was elegantly manifested by a colossal spinning rock embedded with his signature grain motif. The rock manipulated the elements around it creating an immersive storm, with models in thrall. The room was an allegory of the elements, everything in flux; everything connected, exploring the relationship between human touch and nature.

“The Art of Elements is an exploration of palette, shape, and utility. From extensive time spent in the wilderness, I have developed a deep appreciation for nature and the elements that come with it. The Art of Elements is an exploration of the spectrum of energy that these elements deliver.” – Salehe Bembury

Moncler x Salehe Bembury is a fresh take on the outdoor explorer’s uniform: muted colors, an earthy attitude and utility vests with extra pockets to serve any purpose. As well as a multi-layered ready-to-wear offering, Bembury presents his rework of Moncler’s signature Trailgrip sneaker.

The Art of All by Roc Nation By JAY-Z
State-of-the-art sound pods allowed guests to become the creator and contribute their vocals to be engineered by AY-Z’s legendary award-winning producer, Mike Dean. The community-sourced music created an emotion centered piece: the sound of All. Because the Genius is in all of us.

“The Art of All is the journey, it is the everyday, it is waking up and using your voice. Genius is everywhere.” – JAY-Z

The Moncler x Roc Nation by JAY-Z collection is conceived as a set of modular elements: a series of individual pieces that, exactly like in music, can be combined to create individual harmonies and never identical melodies. The offer is extremely focused in terms of both iconic shapes and reserved palettes, which is limited to creamy tones of white, khaki, black, and just a dash of bright orange.

In addition to The Art of Genius 2023 lineup, Moncler expanded upon the theme of co-creation further by inviting Rick Owens to be part of the event. Owens challenged the possibilities of design beyond fashion, and also presented the Moncler + Rick Owens collection.

The Art of Design by Rick Owens
A temperature-controlled soundproof steel Sleep Pod allowed visitors to experience Rick Owens’ sleek vision of design from the inside the monolithic structure for two. Alternatively, guests could lose themselves on the pounding afterparty dance floor outside where a roster of DJs played.

“The Art of Design takes the aesthetic bubble concept of our last collection with Moncler further: to a personalized, quietly considered, and introspective bubble as a customized sleeping pod – with clothing to match.” – Rick Owens

The coordinating Moncler + Rick Owens clothing capsule features solemn, elongated silhouettes and radiance quilting in a reduced palette of black and tie dyed yellow. Pieces include flight jackets, puffers, extra-long coats, skirts, shorts and tops.

All guests were gifted an NFT designed by digital artist Antoni Tudisco. Each NFT gives early access to future Moncler Genius collections, enabled by Arianee web3 consumer solutions. Throughout 2023, Moncler Genius collections teased at The Art of Genius event will launch, starting with Moncler x Alicia Keys on March 23rd, 2023.