The Impression's Top Denim Ads of Fall 2017

The Best Ads of Fall 2017 | Denim

The Impression’s Top Denim Ads of Fall 2017

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Agency | Yard NYC
Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer | Stephen Niedzwiecki
Co-Founder & Chief Strategic Officer | Ruth Bernstein
Executive Creative Director | Dave Clark
Creative Director | David Oscroft
Creative Director | Vasili Gavre
Design Director | Jay Chapman
Art Director | Ahyoung Moon
Designer | Steven Williams
Copy Writer | Kira Pack
Executive Director of Strategy | James Denman
Managing Director | Jarrod Bull
Account Supervisor | Bobby Bush
Head of Production | Judy Anekal
Executive Producer | Kirsten Arongino
Associate Producer | Peter Schwab
Production Company |  Missing Pieces 
Director | Director X 
Edit House | Rock Paper Scissors
Editors | Ted Guard, Carlos Arias 
Music Supervisor | Good Ear
Colorist | CO3
Photography Production Company | North Six  
Photographer | Daniel Jackson 
Talent | Cher, Future, Jake Grizzard, Kaila Mullady, Kata Hay, Tyler Gerald, Christian Scott, Santa Cruz Lady Lurkers, Gloss Black, & Fik- Shun
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Agency | Publicis Italia, Milan, Italy
Global Chief Creative Director, Publicis WW / CEO Publicis Italia | Bruno Bertelli
Executive Creative Director | Cristiana Boccassini
Global Digital Creative Directors | Milos Obradovic & Mihnea Gheorghiu
Creative Supervisor | Costanza Rossi
Art Directors | Simone Di Laus & Cecilia Moro
Copywriters | Beatrice Mari & Fabio Caputi
Head of Planning | Bela Zieman
Senior Creative Planner | Noa Dekel
Account Team | Giada Salerno & Maria Elena Gaglianese
Agency Producers | Cecilia Barberis & Matilde Bonanni
Art Buyer | Barbara Centazzo
Production Company | Division Paris
Director | Francois Rousselet
DOP | Simon Chaudoir
Editor | Nicolas Larrouquere
Producer | Jules De Chateleux
Post Production | VFX
VFX Supervisor | Timo Huber
VFX Producer | Lydia Evitt
Grade | MPC
Colourist | Richard Fearon
Music Design / Editing | GRAND CENTRAL
Photographer | Tom Sloan
Post Production | Studio Invisible
Stylist | Davey Sutton

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Hudson Jeans


Agency | Lipman Studio
Creative Director | David Lipman
Photographer | Patrick Demarchelier
Models | Kaia Gerber & Gabriel-Kane Day-Lewis
Stylist | Marie-Amelie Sauve
Hair | Ward

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Creative Director | Johnathan Crocker
Photographer | Angelo Pennetta
Model |  Alexa Chung, Reuben Ramacher
Stylist | Fran Burns
Hair | Tamara McNaughton
Makeup | Lisa Houghton
Producer | Rockman Productions
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Photographer | Erik Torstensson
Model | Faretta
Stylist | Geraldine Saglio
Hair | James Pecis
Makeup | Mark Carrasquillo

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