The Best Women’s Spring 2021 Fashion Show Invitations

Women’s launched their first digital season with a whole new set of challenges, yet the role of invitations remained constant as the first page of a longer narrative unveiling a designer’s vision.

Paul Andrew of Salvatore Ferragamo recognized that vision as an opportunity to transport guests to his front-row via an Oculus headset that fit a smartphone so viewers could see a 3-dimensional version of the show and an accompanying film.

Jonathan Anderson continued to create buzz both in for his eponymous collection and Loewe by providing interactive kits that acted as invite and show all in one. His Loewe ‘Show On The Wall’ Box Kit raised the bar with its life-size wall posters giving the collection scale both literally and metaphorically.

Ironically, it was physical invitations that distinguished the digital shows as designers have yet to embrace, beyond GIFS, the possibilities of digitals’ newfound freedom. Free of the constrictions of a printer and costs to print and distribute, designers could reapply those monies into some digital bells and whistles that would generate greater buzz and excitement pre-show. We have spoken before about how digital plays into the concept of advent calendars with a countdown series being sent daily to build excitement.

The outlook on us all coming together come January is slimmer than one would have hoped at this time with the resurgence of COVID cases globally. Thus it looks like the forthcoming Fall 2021 collections will be another opportunity for re-invention of invitations. As a jumping-off point, here is a look at The Impression’s best Spring 21 women’s invitations of the first women’s digital fashion weeks from New York, London, Milan, and Paris.

Loewe ‘Show On The Wall’ Box Kit
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