The Independents Group Secures $400 Million Investment for Global Expansion and Growth

The Independents Group Raises $400 Million for Global Expansion

The Independents, the leading global marketing and communications group for luxury and lifestyle brands, announces $400 million investment, led by TowerBrook Capital Partners and FL Entertainment

The Independents Group, a leading global marketing and communications group for luxury and lifestyle brands, has announced a significant USD 400 million investment led by TowerBrook and FL Entertainment. This investment aims to accelerate the group’s development and international expansion, as it aims to double in size by 2025 through acquisitions and dynamic global growth.

The Independents comprises six renowned agencies, including Bureau Betak & Bureau Future, K2, Karla Otto, Lefty, Prodject, and The Qode, offering expertise in communications, digital marketing, content creation, and influencer strategy. The group expects to generate USD 450 million in revenue in 2023, with equal distribution across Asia, the USA, and Europe & the Middle East.

The partnership with TowerBrook and FL Entertainment, both experienced investors in high-growth companies, provides the financial support and expertise needed for The Independents to further accelerate its growth trajectory. This collaboration solidifies the group’s position as a global partner in communications, marketing, and event management for iconic luxury brands.

The Independents’ strategic consolidation approach has contributed to its robust growth and its ability to offer top-tier clients unrivaled access, knowledge, and resources for localized projects worldwide. This recent fundraising round cements the group’s pioneering role in brand positioning for luxury, fashion, design, lifestyle, hospitality, and the arts.

Isabelle Chouvet, Chief Executive & Founder of The Independents Group, expresses excitement about the investment, stating that it will enable the execution of innovative, integrated services on a global scale. TowerBrook’s Managing Directors, Fahd Elkadiri and Edouard Peugeot, emphasize their pride in partnering with The Independents and highlight the company’s impressive history of growth and differentiated positioning.

François Riahi, Chief Executive Officer of FL Entertainment, views the investment as an opportunity to collaborate with a successful business in a dynamic industry, noting the similarities with their existing content and production activity. The Independents co-founder, Alexandre de Betak, underscores the importance of finding a partner who understands the industry and culture, and believes the new investment will propel the group’s evolution into becoming cultural brands.

As The Independents Group welcomes this new investment, the partners express gratitude to Cathay Capital, the previous partner, for their unwavering support and encouragement throughout their journey.