The Most Googled Shows of Fall 2024

Fashion’s Digital Pulse: The Top 30 Most Searched Shows for Fall 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of fashion, understanding the public’s interests is crucial for grasping the dynamic interplay between tradition and innovation. Google, a pivotal tool in discerning the fashion industry’s pulse, offers a panoramic view of the brands that shone brightly during the latest fashion week and maintained a stronghold of intrigue throughout the month. This season, our analysis went deep, extracting pivotal insights to spotlight the brands that captivated audiences on the runway and beyond.

Our meticulous approach to uncovering what captures the public’s eye in fashion looked into the buzz surrounding both the brands and their fashion shows. This exploration allowed us to unveil the inherent allure of labels like Burberry, Fendi, and Alexander McQueen, alongside the magnetic draw of their Fall 2024 showcases. Prada and Dior, with their timeless elegance, remained search favorites, a testament to their enduring resonance with fashion enthusiasts. Meanwhile, Gucci’s dynamic and evolutionary showcase reaffirmed its status as a spectacle not to be missed. The changing interest levels throughout the month underscore the complexity of the fashion narrative, where established names keep their charm, and emerging stories unfold.

Here are the top 30 fashion shows of the Fall 2024 season, as revealed by Google’s comprehensive data, featuring a mix of timeless leaders and unexpected innovators.

30 – Dolce & Gabbana

29 – Chloé

28 – Michael Kors

27 – Moschino

26 – Ferragamo

25 – Stella McCartney

24 – Tom Ford

23 – Balmain

22 – Max Mara

21 – The Row

20 – Schiaparelli

19 – Acne Studios

18 – Versace

17 – Miu Miu

16 – Alexander McQueen

15 – Bottega Veneta

14 – Fendi

13 – Loewe

12 – Gucci

11 – Rick Owens

10 – Louis Vuitton

9 – Givenchy

8 – Diesel

7 – Balenciaga

6 – Burberry

5 – Hermès

4 – Saint Laurent

3 – Chanel

2 – Dior

1 – Prada