Top 10 Digital Fashion Programs of Fall 2023

Top 10 Digital Fashion Programs of the Fall 2023 Season

You’d be hard pressed today to find a campaign that doesn’t have some “digital” element to it; even campaigns that are crafted with print in mind can be seen all over the internet and social media. But our Best Digital Campaigns category celebrates those fashion marketing moments that make the most of the format’s possibilities for innovation and imagination, or that couldn’t exist anywhere else.

Diesel put its own brilliant twist on classic Where’s Waldo puzzles, utilizing a huge cast, clever digital editing, and unfettered imagination to create an expansive tableau rife with narrative details. The project was complete with its own website that tasked fans with scouring the image for certain details and rewarded them with Diesel prizes.

Bape took us back in time to a pre-smart-phone moment of the digital age via its collaboration with Tamagotchi, releasing limited editions of the iconic handheld digital pet.

Ralph Lauren may have offered a glimpse at the future of digital retail, deploying cutting-edge CGI and rendering technology to create an immersive virtual space that is both an architectural ode to the brand’s legacy and an RL boutique like no other.

The lead up to Phoebe Philo’s long-anticipated return to the fashion spotlight was a masterclass in using one’s own digital channels to multiply hype and covetability. The announcements and teasers for the first collection release from her eponymous label was all done through newsletters and social media, driving a feeling of exclusivity and deepening the brand’s commitment to remain outside of the unsustainable pace of the fashion establishment.

Here are The Impression’s Top 10 digital campaigns of Fall 2023 as selected by our editorial team.

Alexander Wang

‘Bodywear’ 2023

Photographer | Jamie Morgan
Models | Lana Rhoades
Hair | Edward Lampley
Makeup | Kali Kennedy
Manicurist | nailsbymei 
Set Designer | Tom Schneider

Bad Bunny x Adidas

Fall 2023

A Bathing Ape x Tomagatchi

Fall 2023


Fall 2023

Campaign Credits
Coperni Creative Director and Co-Founder | Sébastien Meyer
Coperni CEO and Co-Founder | Arnaud Vaillant 
Agency | Kate Moss Agency Ltd
Creative Consultants | Kevin Tekinel and Charles Levai 
Film Directors | Florent Canale and Alexandre Silberstein
Model | Lila Grace Moss
Stylist | Helena Tejedor
Production | 8849 (Everest Lab)
Music | Anomaly Spectre

Video Credits
Directors | Florent Canale and Alexandre Silberstein
inspired by Coperni’s Fall-Winter 2023 show
based on Jean de La Fontaine “Le Loup et l’Agneau”
Production | 8849 (Everest Lab)
Co-production | Alexandre Silberstein and Coperni
Model | Lila Grace Moss

Agency | Kate Moss Agency Ltd 
3D scan | FBFX (London)

Producers | Sylvain Obriot & Thomas Espinosa 
Production Coordinator | Sonlan Tran

Model | Lila Grace Moss

Agency | Kate Moss Agency Ltd 
3D scan | FBFX (London)

Producers | Sylvain Obriot & Thomas Espinosa 
Production Coordinator | Sonlan Tran

3D Artists
Lead Unreal Artist | Vincent Legrand
UE Environment Artist | Somphout Chanhtaboutdy 
Clothing, Accessories & Props Modeling Artist | Nolan Hortolan
Robot Modeling Artist | Arthur Palluy
Coding & AI | Louis Jeckel
Motion Capture Model | Marine Lemonnier – Folkr studio
Color Grading | Baptiste Vieillard

Coperni Co-founders | Sebastien Meyer & Arnaud Vaillant
Creative consultants for Coperni | Kevin Tekinel & Charles Levai 
Styling | Helena Tejedor
Head of design | Charlotte Raymond
Image and communication manager | Mathilde Matteucci 
And all the Coperni team

Music | Anomaly Spectre Musical 

Music Advisor | Marco Novoa
Mastering | Jeremy Obriot

Additional Software
Clothing | Marvelous designer 
Modeling | Maxon’s Cinema 4D, Blender 
Ai source scripts generation | ChatGPT 
Ai voice generation | Play.HT 
Streaming service | Cloudflare
Motion Capture | Rokoko smartsuit pro II Actorcore

Made with Epic game’s Unreal Engine 5.2
Lila Moss Avatar © Lila Grace Moss
Looks from FW 23 © Coperni
© 2023, 8849 x Coperni x Alexandre Silberstein


Fall 2023

Diesel Creative Director | Glenn Martens
Art Director | Christopher Simmonds
Photographer | Johnny Dufort
Location | Breganze, Italy

Gentle Monster

‘Optical Collection’ 2023



Fall 2023

Marc Jacobs

Fall 2023

Marc Jacobs Creative Director | Marc Jacobs
Photographer | Tyrone Lebon
Talent | Kim Kardashian 
Stylist | Alastair McKimm

Phoebe Philo

Fall 2023

Creative Director: Phoebe Philo 
Models: Sharon Genish , Helena Olmedo Duynslaeger 
Photographer: Tyrone Lebon 
Hair Stylist: Claire Grech 
Makeup Artist: Mel Arter 
Manicurist: AMA Quashie 
Set Designer: Jabez Bartlett 
Casting Director: Julia Lange

Ralph Lauren

Fall 2023

Ralph Lauren Chief Creative Officer | Ralph Lauren
Photographer | Carter Berg
Videographer | Robet Elswit
Models |  Anna Ewers & Fei Fei Sung
Stylist | Meryl Griffith
Hair | Tomo Jidai
Makeup | Mark Carrasquillo
Manicurist | Dawn Sterling
Casting Director | Piergiorgio Del Moro