Top 10 Most Viewed Shows of 2018

Top 10 Most Viewed Shows of 2018

Readers Rank the Runway

There is so much to learn at every turn; be it at the front rows, or in the rows of data that come across our desks. That data is telling and we thought it would be fun to share what you and your fellow advocates were viewing for 2018.

We are lucky to be in an industry that has a constant stream of seasonal launches of ideas back-to-back across the globe. No other industry launches newness in such fashion which is what makes the shows are a sport onto themselves.

The advent of digital has enabled us to put new stats to that sport, namely views and here were the top shows as ranked by readers viewership for the year of 2018.

10 – Alexander McQueen | Fall 18

9 – Alexander Wang | Spring 19

8 – Celine | Spring 19

7 – Burberry | Spring 19

6 – Dior | Fall 18

5 – Calvin Klein | Fall 18

4 – Louis Vuitton | Spring 19

3 – Valentino |Spring 18 Couture

2 – Gucci | Fall 18

1 – Chanel | Fall 18

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