Top 15 Breakout Models

Our favorite new runway models of Spring 2020

In the long run of fashion month, there is always a fresh set of legs that break out of the newbies to catch our attention. Here are our Top 15 Breakout Models of Spring 2020 that we will keep our eyes on regarding editorials and campaigns for the upcoming season.

Ajok Madel

25 Shows

Sacha Quenby

15 Shows

Krini Hernandez

12 Shows

Mika Schneider

11 Shows

Sculy Mejia

10 Shows

Hayley Ashton

10 Shows

Emily Godwin

10 Shows

Brooke Robinson

10 Shows


9 Shows

Evie Harris

7 Shows


7 Shows


6 Shows

Cai Guannan

5 Shows

Lissandra Blanco

4 Shows

Amar Akway

4 Shows