Tranoï is exported to Tokyo

Tranoï Expands to Tokyo

Tranoï, the longstanding fashion week trade show, has announced its expansion into Japan. For the first time, the event will be held during Tokyo Fashion Week on September 4th and 5th, aiming to showcase its distinctive blend of creativity and luxury to Japanese audiences while fostering cross-cultural exchange between Japanese and international fashion communities.

Known for its biannual gatherings in Paris, where it brings together a curated selection of designers and brands celebrated for their unique visions and unwavering dedication, Tranoï has solidified its international expansion through an exclusive partnership with Japan Fashion Week’s organizing body.

The inaugural edition of Tranoï Tokyo will feature a carefully curated lineup of 150 Japanese and international creators, meticulously chosen to embody Tranoï’s values and standards. With a keen eye for craftsmanship, brand identity, and innovative design, Tranoï aims to facilitate connections between brands and discerning buyers seeking to explore and embrace new fashion trends.

Set amidst the bustling atmosphere of Japan Fashion Week, Tranoï Tokyo will be hosted at Bellesalle Shibuya First, strategically situated in Tokyo’s Shibuya district. Renowned as a hub for fashion enthusiasts, the location promises easy access for buyers and agents, situated close to iconic destinations such as Omotesando and Shibuya station. This central positioning within Tokyo’s fashion circuit underscores Tranoï’s commitment to engaging with key stakeholders and contributing to the dynamic fashion ecosystem of the city.

To commemorate the launch of Tranoï Tokyo, the event will feature a master class hosted by Marylin Fitoussi, a prominent figure in the fashion industry renowned for her distinctive styling, including work showcased in the popular series “Emily in Paris.” With a penchant for blending established names with emerging talents and challenging conventional norms, Fitoussi’s presence adds a dynamic dimension to Tranoï’s debut in Tokyo.