Versace Collaborates With Sophie Jones On ‘The Journey Home’

Versace Jeans Couture the Journey Home

Versace Jeans Couture has collaborated with London-based director, Sophie Jones, on ‘The Journey Home’—a powerful short film that echoes the brand’s aesthetic blend of youth, nostalgia, and unleashed emotion.

The deeply personal, and cinematic short film explores themes of love, acceptance, and identity in a captivating blend of raw, documentary style footage and cinematic visuals. ‘The Journey Home’ opens with a young woman in conversation with a cab driver during her late-night journey home. The talk leads the protagonist to confront her identity and innermost feelings in a surreal, dreamlike sequence in which she ultimately comes to terms with who she truly is.

Home can be felt as a metaphor. It can be a psychological journey, as much as a physical one…. Home is a state of mind. It’s liberation, it’s acceptance, it’s freedom.””

– Sophie Jones

Jones dives into that personal journey, a journey to self-acceptance where one lets go of personal and societal expectations to fully embrace themselves.