Snapchat x Versace Mercury

Versace Teams With Snapchat for Mercury Sneaker Launch

The Activation Comprises an Augmented Reality Experience and Bitmoji Fashion Line

Versace has partnered with Snapchat to debut its new Mercury sneaker collection with an innovative augmented reality experience. This partnership marks a pioneering move to blend digital and physical realms, allowing fans to engage with the brand’s latest designs in a dynamic, interactive manner.

Starting June 4th, Snapchat users have the opportunity to delve into the world of Versace Mercury through a specialized AR Lens on the app. This lens utilizes both the front and back cameras, creating an engaging experience where users can interact with the sneakers. By tapping their screens to “break” a virtual stone, users can uncover the new shoes and virtually try them on, exploring the futuristic design in a 3D format.

In addition to the AR try-on feature, Snapchat is also rolling out a digital fashion line for Bitmoji, featuring the Mercury sneakers. From June 4th, users can equip their Bitmoji avatars with these sneakers by redeeming 350 tokens. The collection includes 12 exclusive items from Versace, priced between 100 to 1,100 tokens. These tokens can be purchased directly within Snapchat’s Token Shop. The lineup will expand later this month as more Versace styles become available for Bitmoji.

To access the collection, Snapchat users simply need to go to their Profile screen, tap the hanger icon to enter the Bitmoji outfits section, and select the Versace logo to view and acquire the new items. This collaborative effort underscores a growing trend of fashion brands leveraging social media platforms and AR technology to enhance consumer engagement and offer a fresh, immersive shopping experience.