Milan 2024 Insights article by Lizzy Bowring with images from Coperni and Del Core ss23

What to Anticipate This Milan Fashion Week

Milan Fashion Week Spring 2024: Merging Heritage with High-Voltage Creativity

By Lizzy Bowring

Milan, a city pulsating with life and where tradition and cutting-edge designs merge, finds itself again at the epicenter of fashion with the much-anticipated Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2023. The aura of the city’s dual charm of heritage and modernity lies not merely as a city but as a symbol – a beacon of culture. With the city’s rich historical canvas and gastronomical wonders enhancing the allure, attendees will experience authentic Italian offerings and be immersed in a display of high-voltage creativity emblematic of the city’s rich fashion legacy. 

Fashion’s Most Awaited Debuts

Del Core | Fall 2023

If anything is to go by from last season’s stellar outings from Maximilian Davis at Ferragamo, Matthieu Blazy at Bottega Veneta, Kim Jones at Fendi, and Daniel Del Core, or the creative genius of Prada – who invariably sets the tone for the season – Max Mara, and Jil Sander, then in that case, one can only wait with eager anticipation as the spotlight shifts. Peter Hawkings will take the reins at Tom Ford as Creative Director on September 21 – a significant change, given Hawkings’ longstanding deep association with Milan and a partnership with Ford for over 25 years, while Ford also sees the newly-appointed president and CEO Guillaume Jesel take the helm.

All eyes will be on Sabato de Sarno at Gucci a day later. With the brand’s ’90s legacy enjoying renewed interest, one can’t help but wonder if de Sarno will dip into the iconic archives, bringing forth a blend of vintage Gucci with a contemporary twist. Will the legacy of Alessandro Michele be perpetuated, or will we see something akin to the days of Tom Ford? With Alessio Vannetti returning as Gucci’s Chief Brand Officer, who knows, but all eyes will be riveted to this spot.  

Stepping into the Spotlight

Gilda Ambrosio and Giorgia Tordini, founders of The Attico, are set for their runway debut on September 23. Since their 2016 inception, their trajectory has been one of steady ascent. Now, the grandeur of Milan’s runway awaits their signature touch. Lastly, Karoline Vitto, a Brazilian talent nurtured in London’s nurturing fashion ecosystem and recognized by the Fashion East platform, is poised for her solo unveiling on September 24 under the aegis of Dolce & Gabbana.

Not to Miss

The Camera della Moda Sustainable Fashion Awards will take place at La Scala Theatre on September 24, honoring designers who combine creativity and eco-friendly production.

Anticipated Showstoppers

Can We Expect Another Kylie Moment? Last season, Coperni‘s Paris show generated buzz using Kylie Jenner, styled in an eye-catching spray dress. The move was ingenious – a meld of celebrity power and unique design. As brands vie for attention, will this season bring another moment to rival that? The industry is rife with speculation.

As always, expect the audacious and unexpected as established brands push their boundaries and emerging talents introduce their bold visions to the world. Milan Fashion Week promises a riveting journey where sartorial brilliance takes center stage and is set to catapult a whirlwind of ingenious designs that promise to reshape the contours of style. Brace yourself for an exquisite mingling of tradition and innovation, where fashion titans and emerging prodigies converge – here at The Impression.