Zegna 'the legend of second skin' 2024 ad campaign photo

Zegna Launches Triple Stitch Secondskin Shoe

The Innovative Leather Shoe is the Latest Evolution of Zegna’s Signature Luxury Leisurewear Footwear

Zegna has launched the latest evolution of its signature Triple Stitch shoe, the Triple Stitch Secondskin.

Crafted by Zegna’s world-class leather artisans, the shoe began with the idea to use glove leather – a material renowned for its softness and flexibility – for a shoe with luxurious comfort that fits like a glove. An innovative tanning process imparts the leather with a unique solidity – enhancing its natural strength and durability – and makes it ideal for uppers and linings. Thanks to its form-retaining ‘memory’, the material’s original texture is preserved to ensure an elegant lasting impression.

The launch is celebrated with a high-flying campaign that draws parallels between the innovate and artisanal development of the shoe and the calm, luxurious comfort of a private jet journey.