Zimmermann Celebrates Barcelona Store Opening

Zimmermann continues the expansion of its Spanish retail footprint with the opening of their Barcelona store in February 2023.

The Barcelona location follows recent openings in Europe, including Madrid, Rome and Florence and marks Zimmermann’s third Spanish store. The Zimmermann Barcelona store is approximately 223 square metres and was designed by Studio McQualter.

Context and location played a large role in the design of the space from both a functional and creative perspective – balanced with unique Australian touches. Landscape and climate underpinned key architectural and design choices, from the green canvas awnings meant to both soften the exterior while offering relief from the intense Spanish sun, to the artworks showcased throughout the store, such as the bespoke motif adorning the front door surrounds designed by a local artisan using the traditional Spanish craft of sgraffito.

Original art is a standout feature. A large painting by young Australian artist James Drinkwater, “Sand Drawings and Other Tropes 3”, references time spent at the beach and expresses an exuberance that defines the city. A 1950s red ceramic pendant and a Josef Hoffmann silk pendant complement the rooms with coved ceilings and custom plaster corner lights. Meanwhile, a large yellow sculpture by French ceramicist Nelly Bonnard sits regally in an alcove above the stairs.

Upon entry to the store, clients are met with custom terrazzo tiles in a diamond pattern that mixes marble and river stone aggregate to delineate the thresholds and divisions of each room. Towering doors also help define separate areas of the space and accentuate the enormous ceiling heights in the front sections. The ceiling heights become more domestic midway through the store with the luxury residential feel heightened by specific lighting and furniture selection – including Stilnovo wall lights and sconces, and rattan chairs by Ico Parisi. The watercolour-style fabric featured in fitting rooms adds a delicate, luxurious note.

Deeper within the store a new terrazzo stair with a steel balustrade leads to the basement area that has been tailored as a second lounge and fitting area for clients. Studio McQualter drew upon warmer timbers and richer materials in combination with a large, modernist European tapestry to ground the space – again, a nod to the greater cultural landscape.

“I am so proud to open a store in Barcelona. I have always admired Spanish art and the enormous impact and creative influence it has had historically. Our Barcelona store was the perfect opportunity to highlight and pay homage to this. It was important to me that the vibrancy of the local culture underpinned the design process, so this remained a key focus throughout… I particularly love the bespoke terrazzo tiles and the European tapestry. The Australian touches bring a little piece of home to the space as well.“ Creative Director & Co-Founder, Nicky Zimmermann.

42 Paseo de Gracia Street, Barcelona

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