Zimmermann Spring 2020 Fashion Ad Campaign Photos


Spring 2020 Ad Campaign

Zimmermann’s newest ad campaign with photography by Benny Horne and a film by Andy Swartz features sunshine, waves, and a surf-music-inspired soundtrack. The photos capture seawater as it splashes onto rocky shorelines, creating magnificent sprays frozen by the camera into backdrops for Zimmermann’s Spring 2020 collection.

Though the campaign isn’t groundbreaking, it effectively showcases Zimmermann’s newest collection. The film records the sun’s piercing rays shining through diaphanous fabrics, and uses novel split-screen techniques to juxtapose slow-motion ocean bursts with calm waters, bright lace ballooning in the wind, blowing hair, and glistening shorelines. There are moments of auditory bio-feedback from sounds of the sea and the chirping of birds, and the collection’s bold colors play well against these natural elements. Perhaps the only thing that might distract from the proceedings is the idea that in real life, a young woman would probably need to wear something more durable and sporty in order to explore a landscape so potentially difficult to navigate…and therefore the relaxing mood might be interrupted by a flashing thought: “I hope she doesn’t slip on a rock!”. Subsequently, the campaign might benefit from an introductory disclaimer: the following campaign was created by trained professionals, do not try this at home.

Brand Creative Director | Simone & Nicky Zimmermann
Agency | Smile Agency
Photographer | Benny Horne
Videographer | Andy Swartz
Model | Faretta
Stylist | Romy Frydman
Hair | Renya Xydis
Makeup | Jodie Boland

Art Director/Fashion Editor