Zimmermann Summer Swim 2024 Fashion Ad Campaign


Summer Swim 2024 Ad Campaign

Review of Zimmermann Summer Swim 2024 Ad Campaign by Creative Director Emil Vrisakis of Smile Agency with Photographer Benny Horne and model Felice Noordhoff

Zimmermann embarks on another chapter in its endless vacation dream with its new Summer Swim 2024 campaign. The campaign was once again envisioned by the brand’s go-to creative team of photographer Benny Horne and creative director Emil Vrisakis.

Horne captures model Felice Noordhoff on the island coast of Seychelles, where stunning natural rock formations and palm trees give way to soft sand and blue surf. Combining sweeping vistas with intimate detail shots, the accompanying short film nicely puts these portraits in motion to a soothing and atmospheric soundtrack.

As always, the campaign is another emblematic example of the brand’s incredibly consistent marketing identity, putting a soft focus on floral femininity against a backdrop of adventure and natural beauty.

Zimmermann Summer Swim 2024 Fashion Ad Campaign

Zimmermann Creative Director | Nicky Zimmermann
Agency | Smile Agency
Creative Director | Emil Vrisakis
Art Director | Gabriele Hackworthy
Photographer | Benny Horne
Videographer | Andy Swartz
Model | Felice Noordhoff
Stylist | Romy Frydman
Production | Anna Zantiotis Productions
Hair | James Rowe
Makeup | Jodie Boland
Casting Director | Anita Bitton – The Establishment
Location | Seychelles

Senior Fashion Writer | The Impression