'The Postcard' Resort 2022 Ad Campaign

Review of Zimmermann ‘The Postcard’ Resort 2022 Ad Campaign by Photographer Benny Horne with Model Anna Ewers

Zimmermann sends us a postcard from its travels, and we certainly wish we were there. The brand’s new Resort 2022 campaign by photographer Benny Horne is an ode to sunshine, independence, and adventure.

The mountains, ports, and ancient stones of Hydra, Greece feel like the perfect backdrop for the sunny and airy craftsmanship and color of Zimmermann’s new resort collection, while Anna Ewers’ tousled blonde tresses and sun-kissed face makes her the perfect model for it. She exudes the calm confidence and independence of a stylish woman traveling by herself and conquering the world, one beach or bottle of wine at a time.

The campaign doesn’t bring anything new to the tried-and-true travel campaign, but its excellently executed visuals and production has us unable to take our eyes off of it. Though it may definitely feel like more of a fantasy than a tangible reality, it’s a fantasy we could all see ourselves dipping our toes into.

Photographer | Benny Horne
Model | Anna Ewers
Stylist | Romy Frydman
Hair | Vi Sapyyapy
Makeup | Jodie Boland
Location | Hydra, Greece

Senior Fashion Writer | The Impression