032c Spring 2025 Men's Fashion Show
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Spring 2025 Men's Fashion Show

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Get an exclusive look at 032c‘s innovative Spring 2025 men’s fashion show from the runways of Paris Men’s Fashion Week, held in June 2024.

German Designer Maria Koch Explores “Anti-Zeitgeist” Uniform Dressing

German designer Maria Koch, making her official calendar debut with 032c, presented a collection that focused on the concept of “anti-Zeitgeist” uniform dressing with a practical approach. Koch emphasized the importance of recognizing beauty in everyday moments rather than escaping reality.

Partnering with artist Ketuta Alexi-Meskhishvili, Koch incorporated mottled floral prints from one of her photos into minidresses and button-down shirts, contrasting dark olive with bursts of bright orange. The collection featured small details in shape and structure, with a variety of silhouettes ranging from dropped-waist trousers to oversized parkas.

The runway show was intentionally shrouded in darkness, challenging the audience to appreciate the beauty of the garments independently of visual perception. Koch’s designs aimed at creating a timeless aesthetic, staying true to her no-nonsense, sleek silhouette.

As the young brand establishes its uniform dressing codes, Koch’s exploration of beauty in simplicity and practicality sets the tone for a unique and refreshing perspective in the fashion industry.